The Asian Squat


At work

As seen in my messy little office, I quite often choose to squat rather than sit.

I've quite often either start or end my Pilates mat classes with the 'Asian' squat. I am not sure if you find that term politically insensitive but with my experience from extensive travel in South East Asia, it was very common to see people squatting instead of sitting. They would eat, smoke and talk in this squat position (with flat feet, not heels raised).

After I attended a 'Runity' workshop in Auckland by Juan Nieto, I learned that this is the most natural way for a human body to sit. Chairs are destroying our lumbar spine. The natural lordotic curve of the lumbar spine was just not designed to take all our weight for long periods of time. Humans are actually natural born 'squatters' says Bryan Ausinheiler a physical therapist in Carliforia.

This position helps stretch out our lower spines and increase hip, knee and ankle flexibility.

I just stumbled across this article this morning and I love it. Please click on the link to learn more. 

I challenge you today, that when you are browsing social media on your phone, please try this squat position instead of sitting in a chair or on a couch. Once a day at least.